Sun-sational summer recipes

Liven up your mealtimes this summer with our fresh and vibrant recipes for every occasion. We’ve got you covered come rain or shine.

Spruce up your BBQ

Looking for inspiration for an al fresco feast? We’ve got tasty suggestions that are sure to add some zing to your spread.

Tips for a top BBQ

These handy tips will add confidence to your cook-out and help you put together the perfect feast for friends and family.

  • Get meat to room temperature beforehand – if it’s too cold when it’s grilled, it can burn outside and still be raw in the middle.
  • Once cooked, let meat rest to reabsorb juices and become more tender – rest bigger cuts longer.
  • BBQ cooking’s tricky enough, so get salads and sides sorted and covered, and tools out ready beforehand.
  • Take the pressure off by asking guests to bring their own meat, or a pasta/cous-cous salad.

Something on the side

Add a little extra zing to your BBQ with our delicious sides recipes bursting with flavour and freshness. They make the perfect addition to any outdoor dinner.

  • Spiced Apple Slaw
  • Smashed Potato Salad
  • Trifle with a Twist
  • Spicy Cucumber Salad

Summer cocktail recipes

Try our seasonal cocktails packed with a fruity punch for the perfect refreshing summer sips!

Summer pitchers recipes

  • Blackberry Champagne Mule
  • Austin's Summer Punch
  • Mangoarita Tequila Punch
  • Rosé Sangria Pitcher

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