How we make Everyday Amazing

Here you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about us, our values, where we source our food and drink from and how we make quality, award-winning ranges fair and affordable for British families and farmers.


Our Range

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Our values

If you want to know more about Aldi, start with our values. You’ll find out all you need to know about our principles, our standards and our responsibilities.


What you can find online

Our online offering includes our full award-winning selection of wines and spirits, as well as our famous Specialbuys range, available every week. Then there’s the Everyday Collections, the essentials our customers love most. Shop them all today.

What’s in store

There’s only one place to enjoy the full Everyday Amazing experience and that’s in your local Aldi store. Our shelves are stocked with the finest quality produce, fresh foods and cupboard essentials that every family enjoys.

  • Our famous Specialbuys
  • Our middle aisle Specialbuys are weekly ranges that our customers love. From Homeware and DIY to Baby and Pets, new products are added online every Sunday and in store every Thursday and Sunday. Just remember: Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Our amazing own brands

Beyond our amazing range of food and drink, we also stock a number of award-winning product ranges, like our fabulous Lacura beauty and skin care collection, and our wonderful Mamia range. Take a closer look at both and see why people rate them so highly.

Supporting British Farmers

We love everything there is about British agriculture, from the warm, dedicated families on the farms, to the delicious, locally sourced products that come into stores. Learn how we work with Britain’s best suppliers, growers and farmers to make Everyday Amazing possible.

Working with the community

Giving back and supporting our local communities is an important part of our day-to-day. This can be helping fundraising for local causes, food collections to reduce waste, or reducing our plastic use to keep the environment cleaner and greener for future generations.

Awards we’ve bagged

We work hard every single day to stock our stores with the finest collection of food and drink, all at the most amazing value. So, it’s always nice when that hard work gets recognised by the industry and our customers. With so many incredible food and drink ranges to enjoy, you’ll soon see why Good Housekeeping readers names us as their Favourite Supermarket 2020. Take a tour of our most recent award wins here and see why people like Aldi so much.