Be Drink Aware

We’re proud to support Drinkaware in actively promoting sensible drinking and supporting our customers in making informed choices when purchasing alcohol.

100% of our own-label alcohol products are clearly labelled and feature all essential elements:

• Clear unit content

• UK Chief Medical Officer (CMO) guidelines (also known as NHS guidelines)

• A warning about drinking when pregnant

In addition, 100% of our own-label alcohol products are compliant with a higher standard that includes four further elements to help prevent alcohol misuse:

• Reference to the Drinkaware website

• Information on calorie content

• Responsibility statement (e.g. “please drink responsibly”)

• All above elements grouped together in the same location on the product label

In the UK, we support the Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks.

Finally all of our store employees undertake comprehensive training on Challenge 25 to tackle underage alcohol sales. Any customers who look under 25 are asked to show valid identification.