Energy Management

Energy Efficiency

ISO 50001

In 2015, Aldi UK became only the second supermarket in the UK to achieve the international energy management accreditation ISO 50001, in recognition of the success of our energy efficiency system. We have worked hard to maintain our certification and are continually seeking to drive our energy efficiency through which we help minimise our impact on the environment.

Taking Back Control of Energy

Every Aldi UK store has an Energy Management System installed helping to monitor and control our energy consumption. We have provided all our stores with an energy policy pack to help employees manage energy use responsibly.

Energy Optimisation Project

In 2017, our Energy Optimisation Project sought to identify opportunities to save on energy across our estate. Through improvements in the use of lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and small power we have managed to save a massive 4.6 million kWh of electricity. That’s enough to power over 1,000 homes for a year! Now that’s #EverydayAmazing!

Energy Efficient Lighting

It’s not only the look and feel of our stores that have been getting an upgrade but our technology is too! All new and refurbished stores also have more efficient LED lighting throughout the sales area, including in chillers and chest freezers. LED lighting uses approximately 60% less energy vs older traditional lighting. Furthermore, we are currently exploring the use of battery storage to help power our operations through renewable sources.

Climate Change

Carbon Footprint

We have reduced our carbon footprint by 53% since 2012. Our initiatives below have helped achieve this.

Solar Panels

We have solar panels 379 of our UK stores and all 9 UK Regional Distribution Centres. That’s a total of over 100,000 panels, enough to cover 28 football pitches! We use the renewable energy they create to power our stores and distribution centres. On average, our solar panels power 15% of a stores electricity consumption - now that’s #EverydayAmazing.

Green Electricity

100% of the electricity we have used since the beginning of 2017 has been from green, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.


To make sure our refrigeration units work as efficiently as possible, we monitor them using meters which show how much electricity they use.

We have converted all of our chiller units and cold rooms to run on a refrigerant gas with a 50% lower environmental impact. Since 2015, we have also been running a programme to replace our chest freezers with ones that are more environmentally friendly.

We aim to recover / recycle the heat created by our fridges, chillers and freezers where possible and use it to heat our stores.

Carbon Trust Accreditation

We are certified to the Carbon Trust Standard, which recognises our industry-leading approach to carbon management.


Optimising fuel consumption is a key way of reducing our climate impact. There are 4 main ways we are working on this:

1. Using lighter vehicles with improved aerodynamics and more fuel-efficient tyres.

2. Investing in the latest fuel management systems.

3. Training our drivers to drive more efficiently through the use of driver tracking systems.

4. Using tracking software to create the most efficient route plans.