ISO 50001

In 2015, Aldi became only the second supermarket in the UK to achieve the international energy management accreditation ISO 50001, in recognition of the effectiveness of our energy efficiency system. In 2019, we maintained our certification across all of our stores, RDCs and offices in the UK and Ireland. We have worked hard to achieve this and are continually seeking to improve our energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Energy Optimisation Project

Since 2017, our Energy Optimisation Project has sought to identify opportunities to save energy across our estate. Through improvements in the use of lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and small power, we have managed to save a massive 10.8 million kWh of electricity. That’s enough to power 2700 homes for a year! Now that’s #EverydayAmazing!


Energy efficient lighting

It’s not only the look and feel of our stores that have been getting an upgrade, but our technology too! All new and refurbished stores will have more efficient LED lighting throughout the sales area, including in chillers and chest freezers. LED lighting uses up to 60% less energy than older traditional lighting.

Taking more control of energy

Every Aldi store has a Building Energy Management System installed which helps to monitor and control our energy use. We are undertaking a ‘Store Connectivity’ project to allow us to have remote visibility and control of energy use across our stores. Using this remote capability, we will be able to identify opportunities to save even more energy!


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