Get a quick fix if you've got a flat with this 500ml Emergency Tyre Repair.

Auto XS Emergency Tyre Repair 500ml

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Auto XS Emergency Tyre Repair 500ml
Auto XS Emergency Tyre Repair 500ml
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    Auto XS

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    Car Accessories

Don't be caught out by a flat tyre when you're on the road with the help of this 500ml Emergency Tyre Repair. Designed to give you a quick fix so you can make it from A to B, this emergency tyre repair will help inflate your tyre and even seal punctures. Suitable for most vehicles, make sure you have one in the glove compartment at all times so you're covered when on the road. Once you've patched your tyre up remember to get it professionally fixed as soon as possible, as this is only a temporary fix to see you through to the end of your journey!

    • Inflates the tyre and seals punctures up to 5mm in diameter which have been caused by nails, screws etc
    • Use on tubeless automotive tyres with a volume of 15.5L or less
    • Repairs punctures and re-inflates the tyre
    • One size fits all
    • Compatible with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors
    • No jack or tools required
    • Extremely flammable, flash point below -20°C

    Do not use on:

    • Pedal or motorcycle tyres
    • Instances where the puncture is in the tyre wall or >5mm in diameter
    • Run-flat tyres
    • Tyres that have slipped off the rim

    Please note: This is a temporary emergency repair and as such does not replace a professional repair. It is essential to have the tyre checked/repaired/replaced at a service centre. Always advise the service centre that Tyre Inflator has been used. 


Suitable For
Suitable for Cars, Vans & Small 4x4’s

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