Christmas cheese tips and guide

Excited for your Christmas 2021 cheeseboard? Don’t worry, we are too but in the meantime why not make amazing cheeseboards all year round with our top tips. Learn what tastes to mix and what to pair for a perfect blend of flavours. Head into your local Aldi store today for our seasonal range of cheeses.

  • Seriously good cheese
  • A great Christmas cheeseboard needs great-tasting cheese, which is why every incredible variety in our Specially Selected range is made by a producer who shares our passion for quality.

 5 top tips for amazing cheeseboards

 1. Don’t muddle the tastebuds

When creating your cheese board, choose five or six varieties, but no more than eight. Too many will muddle your tastebuds.

2. Serve at room temperature

Cheese should always be served at room temperature so the flavours can be enjoyed at their ripest and best. It should be brought out of the fridge 30 minutes before you serve it.

3. Ideal accompaniments

Fresh figs, celery, grapes and raisins are all ideal accompaniments. Crackers should always be served.

4. Storing blue cheese

Any blue cheese should be stored separately so its pungency doesn’t affect the taste of other cheeses.

5. Keep it fresh

To keep cheese fresher for longer, wrap it in greaseproof paper. To help prevent it drying out, store it in a Tupperware box with a dampened cloth and a couple of sugar cubes.


Don’t forget...

A cheeseboard wouldn’t be the same without a lovely glass of wine. Whether it’s white, red or rosé, we have a huge selection of award-winning wines that will match beautifully with your cheeses. See our full range in store or shop online now for free home delivery.