Feast your eyes on our amazing meats

There’s nothing like a roast at Christmastime, especially when you buy it from The Grocer Supermeat and Fish Retailer of the Year. From fresh British joints including beef, gammon and pork, to fresh British turkeys and a whole goose, you’ll find a feast of delicious, award-winning roasts in your local Aldi this season.

Amazing Christmas Roasts

If you want a change from turkey this Christmas, enjoy another amazing roast from our range. With festive glazed gammons, easy-carve ducks and fresh British wellingtons, there’s plenty of choice in store. Visit your local Aldi today.

Homemade festive recipes

Add some homemade festive flavour to your Christmas meals and parties with our amazing recipes, including Sticky pigs in blankets, sprouts with pancetta, cranberry and sausage stuffing.