Add a little fizz to 2021

Naturally, celebrating something like a New Year calls for some bubbly - and with our award-winning selection, we’ve got just what you need. But we’ve so much more besides, with bottles to suit every budget whatever the occasion. Plus we’ve expert hints and tips to help you get the most from your wines, including food pairing advice. There’s just so much to look forward to in 2021!

  • Pick an award-winning wine
  • This year we’ve added 2 incredibly prestigious awards to our collection for our wonderful world of wine – Drinks Retailer of the Year from the Retail Industry Awards and Good Housekeeping Readers’ Favourite Wine Retailer 2020.

Perfect pairings for delicious dishes

A good bottle of wine can improve any dish. To help you choose the right one, our dedicated wine experts have picked 3 of their favourites to try with hearty steak, light bites or fruity desserts.

Jilly’s blind taste test

The nation’s favourite wine buff, Jilly Goolden, has put the blind fold on and used her incredible taste buds to value some of our finest wines and fizz. We think you might like the results.

  • Pop goes the price tag
  • It’s official. Our Veuve Monsigny Champagne is an absolute steal at £12.99. Jilly’s blind taste test priced it at an incredible £25. Cheers!

Wonderful wines, amazing value

This year, Good Housekeeping readers voted us as their Favourite Wine Retailer. So what better reason to celebrate in 2021 and pick up a beautiful bottle or two? Order 6 bottles or more and we’ll deliver for free. See our online collection now.

Top Christmas wines to gift and enjoy

Aldi has award-winning wines to savour all year round. But if you want an extra special bottle to celebrate the start of a new year, which do you choose? We invited wine guru Jilly Goolden to offer a few expert recommendations.

Jilly’s easy steps on how to bag yourself a quality wine

Legendary wine buff, Jilly Goolden, is best known for presenting BBC TV’s iconic Food and Drink programme. Here she shares a little bit of that fantastic knowledge to ensure we all enjoy a bottle of quality Christmas wine, starting with reading the label.

  • Read the label

    “The front label tells you the origins and sometimes the grape variety. There will be more about the taste and flavour on the back. So see if the description appeals, or go for a grape variety you like, but from a different region.”
  • Give it a chance!

    “Taste the wine first on its own, not cluttered with other flavours and scents. You can’t judge it if you’ve got a mouthful of hummus! Of course, wine partners well with food, but it’s just best to judge it on its own first.”
  • Smell and taste

    “Jiggle the glass to disturb the surface, put your nose in the glass and take a deep sniff. Give the flavour a chance to express itself when you take a sip. Is it aromatic? Fruity? A great quality wine normally has complex layers.”
  • Let it linger

    “A great wine’s flavour will sit in your mouth and linger. A good test is whether you can hold a conversation with your friend or partner between sips and still get a hint of that flavour.”
  • Look at the bottle again

    “Is what you tasted listed on the back? If it’s a good quality wine the flavours and balance should really sing. See if you agree with the description on the label. ”
  • Serve it well

    “To taste quality and complexity, make sure it’s served in the best way. Cool for a white. For a red, open, pour a glass then allow to soften for 30mins before drinking. Don’t fill to the brim, you need space for the aroma to gather.”