Putting Nature First

The fiery orange chest of the chaffinch is a familiar sight in the vineyards of Portugal’s famous Dão region. For winemaker and nature lover Nuno Canceta de Abreu, seeing this tiny bird thrive alongside his grapes means his plans are working.

Now the chaffinch has become an emblem of both his success and his wines.

“Putting the chaffinch on the label represents several of our goals. It means we can make great wine while helping to maintain the identity of this wonderful countryside.”

  • Encosta Da Viñha,
  • Encruzado, Dão
  • A lovely light, fresh and easy-drinking wine, pale green in colour with crisp, citrus flavours and a food-friendly profile. Very fresh and pleasant, it pairs beautifully with seafood, fish and salads.

    £4.99 75cl