Easter Leftovers

Leftovers made Amazing

There are plenty of ideas on how to make the most of your extra day this Easter, but what about making the most of all that extra food? Turn your leftovers into delicious new recipes and Easter food ideas your family and friends will love.

Same food, new tastes.

Our leftover ideas will turn even the most basic food into an amazing new dish. Take a look at our clever Beetroot Base Pizza, Country Veggie Soup and Ham and Pea Risotto.

Spring life into lamb.

Your Easter roast went down well and so will your next lamb dish. With our inspiring recipes, you can make big batches of our Lamb Tagine or Lamb & Apricot Stew to add a completely new twist to your food.

1. Spring freezing

There’s plenty of food that can be frozen for later use. Fruit can be blended, potatoes can be mashed and even your gravy can become stock for delicious meals later on. Think about what you’re throwing away.

2. More ways with lamb

Take what you don’t carve and create some delicious new recipes for your family and friends to enjoy. We have lots of brilliant ideas to turn roast lamb into many more new and exciting meals. Try them, or see what you can come up with.

3. Freshen up your drink

No doubt you’ll have half-opened bottles of pop, spirits and fizz around your home. Try your hand at mixology and whip up a saucy cocktail for party guests, or maybe try a refreshing non-alcoholic recipe for you and your little ones.

4. Keep the treats coming

Easter is full of chocolate and other nice treats. Make some creative desserts with leftover chocolate eggs, crumbly biscuits and boxes of chocolates. Add them to ice cream and yogurt, or sprinkle them on a homemade cake and serve.

5. Hot cross fun

In the unlikely event that there are any hot cross buns left over, we have some fun ideas on how to use them in amazing new recipes, like our delicious hot cross bun pudding. Discover more inspiration for the famous Easter favourite on our recipes page.