Stock up on delicious wines for Easter

Looking for the perfect Easter wine? Our amazing wine collection is full of fresh and crisp, fruity and warm bottles to savour. Why not let expert wine taster Jilly Goolden find you a bottle to suit every budget and taste and enjoy some top food pairing tips from the people who really know… our international buyers.


  • Pick an award-winning wine
  • We've added another 2 incredibly prestigious awards to our wonderful wine collection in the past year & Drinks Retailer of the Year from the Retail Industry Awards and Favourite Wine Retailer of the Year, voted for by readers of Good Housekeeping. Cheers.

Perfect pairings for delicious dishes

A good bottle of wine can improve any dish. To help you choose the right one, our dedicated wine experts have picked a few of their favourites for you to try with your Easter lamb, salmon, pork and more.


The finest quality wines

We’re passionate about wine. Premium quality wine from around the world, for a price you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a few of our favourites. Go on. Spoil everyone. It is Easter, after all.

  • Wonderful wines, amazing value
  • This year, Good Housekeeping readers voted us as their Favourite Wine Retailer. Join the celebration and pick up a beautiful bottle or 2 for less this season.

Jilly’s wine buying tips

The nation’s favourite wine buff, Jilly Goolden, knows exactly how to find the finest wines and fizz. We asked her to share her top wine buying tips with you so you could find the perfect Easter bottle.

  • Read the label
    “The front label tells you the origins and sometimes the grape variety. There will be more about the taste and flavour on the back.”

  • Give it a chance!
    “Taste the wine first on its own, not cluttered with other flavours and scents. You can’t judge it if you’ve got a mouthful of hummus!”

  • Smell and taste
    “Jiggle the glass to disturb the surface, put your nose in the glass and take a deep sniff. A great quality wine normally has complex layers.”

  • Let it linger
    “A great wine’s flavour will linger in your mouth. A good test is whether you can hold a conversation between sips and still get a hint of that flavour.”

  • Look at the bottle again
    “Is what you tasted listed on the back? If it’s a good quality wine the flavours and balance should really sing.”

  • Serve it well
    “To taste quality and complexity, make sure it’s served in the best way. Cool for a white. For a red, open, pour a glass then allow to soften for 30mins.”

An education in wine

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