Creating fair conditions for our flower growers

We are supporting women’s empowerment for flower growers in Ethiopia, where Aldi is the only British retailer sourcing Fairtrade flowers. We think that it is essential to support the countries around the world where our products are produced in order to address equality challenges and create fair and supportive working environments.


Four years of investment

So we will invest £200,000 in the Fairtrade Flowers Gender Empowerment Project over the next four years. The project supports education programmes aimed at enabling women to become leaders at work and in their communities through mentorship, upskilling and information sharing, and behaviour change initiatives.

Did you know that Aldi sells more bunches of Fairtrade flowers than any other supermarket in the UK? And in addition, we sold a dozen roses every two seconds in the week running up to Valentine’s Day 2019.


Protecting our suppliers and their communities

More than 75% of Aldi’s Fairtrade flowers are sourced from Herburg Flowers in Ethiopia where more than three-quarters of workers in the flower-growing industry are women.

We are focused on maintaining high standards throughout our supply chain and are partnering with Fairtrade to both empower and protect women, and to give them the tools and support they need to take on leadership roles on farms in their communities.

Herburg Flowers

Find out more about how we work with Herburg Flowers here.