April's fresh inspiration

 We aim to offer our customers the freshest fruit and vegetables. We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of fresh produce every day, that’s why every month we showcase 6 of our favourites for you to make the most of. See what will inspire you in the kitchen this month...

  • Garlic

    Garlic releases its flavours when chopped and crushed. The finer you chop, the stronger it tastes. For easy crushing, use the flat side of a knife, sprinkling salt on the clove to stop it slipping.
  • Mixed Chillies

    There are over 200 known varieties of chillies – all varying in colour, size and heat levels. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the chilli, the stronger it is.

Recipe inspiration

Perfect Pairings

 There’s so much more to nature’s wonderful fruit and veg offerings, here we show you other ways to make this month’s fresh inspiration as good together as peas and carrots.

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