March's Fresh Inspiration

We aim to always offer our customers the freshest fruit and vegetables. We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of fresh produce every day that’s why every month we showcase six of our favourites for you to make the most of. See what will inspire you in the kitchen this week...

  • Cauliflower

    A versatile vegetable that tastes incredible roasted in the oven with a squeeze of lemon, or shaved raw into a salad. And who could resist a cauliflower cheese soup.
  • Swede

    Known in Scotland as neeps, this root vegetable is sweet when roasted or boil it and mash for an alternative with sausages and gravy.
  • Butternut Squash

    With its sweet taste and bright orange flesh, this is a great veg to introduce to young eaters. Dice, mash and roast or use in casseroles, soups and risottos.
  • Plums

    A delicious filling in traditional desserts like crumble or cobbler, you could also try poaching plums with vanilla and cinnamon. Serve with ice cream for an alternative pudding.

Perfect Pairings

There’s so much more to nature’s wonderful fruit and veg offerings, here we show you other ways to make this month’s fresh inspiration as good together as two peas in a pod...

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