May's Fresh Inspiration

We aim to always offer our customers the freshest fruit and vegetables. We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of fresh produce every day that’s why every month we showcase six of our favourites for you to make the most of. See what will inspire you in the kitchen this week...

  • Cherry Tomatoes

    These juicy little ‘toms’ are packed with flavour. Firm and plump, they really come into their own when roasted (vines intact) with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.
  • Mango

    Ultra sweet and juicy, this gorgeous tropical fruit is packed with flavour and with nutrients too. Pop them into smoothies or chuck them into curries, there are loads of ways to enjoy their loveliness.
  • Asparagus

    British asparagus is wonderfully versatile, and can be roasted, griddled, steamed or barbecued. Try it wrapped in Parma ham with a sprinkle of black pepper, or dipped in hollandaise sauce. Delicious!
  • Salad/Vine Tomatoes

    Another variety of tomato that is just bursting with flavour. Try them in spring salads or on barbecue buffets. Or, chop them finely and pop them into a beautifully fresh tabbouleh.

Perfect Pairings

There’s so much more to nature’s wonderful fruit and veg offerings, here we show you other ways to make this month’s fresh inspiration as good together as two peas in a pod...

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