Find your green fingers with Matt James!

Looking to start growing but don’t know where to begin? Try herbs! We’ve teamed up with celebrity horticulturist and expert landscape designer Matt James to show you how to grow the ultimate herb garden. Throughout this page he’ll be sharing all the sage advice he’s picked up over his amazing career, like what to plant and how to use them once they’re picked. So, just take his tips and you’ll be growing your own in no time!

  • Who is Matt James?
  • Matt is best-known for appearing on Channel 4’s The City Gardener. There, he puts his vast expertise to use to design bespoke landscapes and gardens of every size. He’s also written books like ‘How to Plant A Garden’ and ‘The Urban Gardener’.

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Why are herbs so amazing?

Latest research finds that lots of people are looking for ways to make gardening easier. Well, herbs are the hero you’ve been waiting for! They’re great for big gardens and no gardens at all. Just use a Windowsill Greenhouse for indoors, and if you have the space, Large Walk-In Greenhouses are perfect for you! Here are some more smart tips from Matt for beginners.

  • Selecting soil

    Most herbs aren’t fussy but they do need free-draining soil. Add some horticultural grit or loose stones to improve drainage. If you have no garden, use patio pots! Basil, chives and curly parsley all thrive on a windowsill.
  • Seeds save space

    Growing herbs from seeds is simple. All you need is a few small pots, some seed compost or modular trays, and an unheated propagator. You can have all this indoors if you don’t have any outdoor space in your home.
  • Grow quick with cuttings

    For faster results when growing herbs like rosemary, sage, mint and bay laurel, ask friends and neighbours if you can have a few cuttings from theirs. Then you’ll need a cold frame or greenhouse to help them grow.
  • Less maintenance

    Happy herbs are healthy herbs. Remember to give them some sun and the right soil. Only water when dry and never let potted plants sit in standing water. Once your seedlings are big enough transplant to the garden or larger pots.

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Just imagine being able to pluck your own herbs and use them to add an extra dash of flavour to your favourite recipes, or as a garnish for one of our delicious award-winning tipples.