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Top tips for greenhouse growing.

A greenhouse is a fantastic asset to any garden, enabling you to make the most of the sun, extend your growing seasons and produce a whole range of vegetables and herbs. It’s also a great deterrent for pests. We’re rooting for you to have a fabulous greenhouse growing season. So here’s a few ideas, hints and tips to get you started.

  • Grow some greens

    Pick a few hardy and healthy vegetables that will come in useful when you need a nutritional boost. Try brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, early leeks, lettuce, onions and peas.
  • Be herbalicious

    Home grown herbs are just amazing for all kinds of recipes. And they are really easy to grow and flourish for longer in greenhouses. Try basil and lemon balm on higher shelves as well as mint, bay leaf and marjoram.
  • Use pots & planters

    Pots and planters offer great drainage, and provide a warm microclimate all of their own. They are perfect for a greenhouse grower because once your seedlings are ready there’s no need to re-plant.
  • Start growing early

    What’s great about a greenhouse – even one without heating - is that you can get an early start on growing seedlings. Start off your seedlings in a propagator set just a few weeks earlier than usual and reap the rewards

Tips for giving gardens more space.

Nowadays, you don’t need acres of land to create a personal green space in your home. All you need is a little creativity, some DIY and the right choice of plants. Here we’ll show you how to make the most of your little area and turn it into something worth sitting out in this spring and summer.

  • Early Spring

    Put your green fingers to the test this year when you start to grow your own and opt for really hardy plants like cabbages and peas, onions and lettuce, or use a propagator to get started on things like tomatoes.
  • Hanging plant jars

    Go green in more ways than one with this stylish tip. Take your old glass jars (tins are good too) and turn them into simple planters. Bring in some string and you can hang them together for a natural touch to your home.
  • Vertical garden

    Building a vertical garden can be as easy as stacking crates and filling them with pretty plants. Or you can show off by building a bespoke unit, simple frame or monogram piece.
  • Think about garden furniture

    You don’t want to clutter the little space you have but choosing the right furniture can add something special to the area. Compact tables and chairs are just the right touch. Find ideas in our Garden Shop!

Home grown recipe inspiration.

Just imagine being able to pluck your own herbs from your greenhouse and use them to add an extra dash of flavour to your favourite recipes, or as a garnish for one of our delicious summer tipples.

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