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Power tools

It’s easy to get the garden ship-shape when you have top quality garden power tools to choose from at affordable prices. Whether you need a hedge trimmer, lawnmower or pressure washer, we will have everything you need to take the hassle out of garden jobs. Our incredible range of gardening power tools and equipment offers all the latest technology and designs, to the highest-spec, making gardening as hassle free as possible. And at these prices you really can enjoy the best of your garden for less all year round. Shop our power tool range today.



4 garden power tools everyone needs

Whether you like to have a little potter or would rather get stuck in around the garden, having the right garden power tools will make all your pruning, cutting, trimming and tidying jobs a lot easier. Let us help find the right tools for you.

  • Garden Hedge Trimmers

    With the right hedge trimmer, you can quickly and easily make space in your garden by keeping your bushes, shrubs and hedges neat and tidy all year round.
  • Garden Cutters

    Handy for keeping your garden trim and tidy. Garden cutters can be used on everything from bushes and shrubs to hedges and trees. If you need a bit more height, look for loppers with telescopic handles.
  • Garden Edge Trimmers

    The perfect tool for edging your lawn and trimming back weeds. This is the power tool that will make your boundary lines look neat and manicured. Great for driveways, flowerbeds and preventing grass and weeds creeping in.
  • Lawnmowers

    A beautifully mowed lawn is such a satisfying thing. But choosing a mower can be daunting. Big or small, petrol or self-propelled? Let us help you find the best one for you in our lawnmower buying guide.

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