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Our gins are renowned for their outstanding taste and quality. Winners of 4 top medals at this year’s International Spirits Challenge, beating many of the leading brands, our range now includes a new, exciting selection of craft and small-batch gins. See the full range in store or order online with free home delivery.


Take a look at our award-winning wine range

Olly on… Boyle’s Gin

With a headline hit of juniper and superb scent, this award-winning craft gin from Ireland is superbly soft and a great example of the amazing range of gins lined up by Aldi for you to explore. The right mixer counts for everything – the best quality of course and it helps to follow the botanicals in the gin. In this case, local blackcurrants, elderflower and apples have gone into the gin, so why not experiment with a slice of apple as a garnish? Or jazz it up with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

  • Boyle’s Premium Irish Craft Gin
  • New to Aldi UK, Boyle’s craft gin has a successful past in Ireland, where it was named Best Irish Gin 2016. A balanced dry gin, scented with hints of orange and juniper, an initial spicy flavour follows with a smooth and mellow finish.
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To really savour your gin, take it neat with a drop or two of water to taste the true spirit in your glass. If you’re making a G&T, fill your ice cube tray with tonic water and freeze in the usual way. It reinforces the flavour of the drink as the tonic cubes melt!

A traditional classic

  • Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin
  • See Christmas through rose tinted glasses with this delicious gin, mixed from eight botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, Sicilian lemon, Seville orange, cassia bark and star anise) following a traditional Victorian recipe.
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You’d be amazed at how a different garnish in your Gin and Tonic can affect the flavour. To start mixing and matching, try to pick a garnish that echoes the botanicals in the gin. For example, if your gin has a headline ingredient such as cucumber or orange, maximise your enjoyment by amplifying the character of the gin with a similar garnish.

Infused with 11 botanicals

  • Needle Blackforest Gin
  • A carefully distilled gin from a mix of 11 botanicals, ranging from lavender to hand-picked spruce needles. Complemented by hints of ginger and sun-dried lemons and oranges.
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Try serving your next G&T in a wine glass – the aromas and flavours of modern gins are just as complex as wine and offer an incredible range of fragrance and taste for you to revel in this Christmas.