Hit the fairways.

The better weather’s here, and so is the chance to get on the course and play a few holes of golf! You’ll find an amazing range of golf gear at Aldi too, from clubs, balls and bags to trolleys and training aids – not to mention some of the latest golf gadgets. Everything you need, in fact, to get your game into shape and enjoy every round!


  • Ben Sayers 8-Club Package Set
  • From Ben Sayers, one of the oldest names in golf, this set has everything you need to help you develop and improve your game. It includes high quality driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedges and mallet putter, plus stand bag with 6-way divider.
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  • GPS Golf Watch
  • The key to a low score is accuracy – and Golfbuddy’s aim W11’s colour touch screen zooms in/out to give you all the course information you need including distances to the front/centre/back of the green, hazards, hole layout and a digital scorecard.
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  • Ben Sayers 3-wheeled Push Trolley
  • Take a weight off your back and shoulders and make every round of golf more relaxed with this sturdy yet lightweight push trolley. Its ergonomic handle holds drinks, scorecards and your umbrella, and the whole trolley folds flat in seconds.
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Get on course for a low score.

Beginner or low handicapper, you’ll find an amazing range of golfing goodies in store and online to help you get back on the course this summer – whether you’re looking to improve your game, make golf easier or simply need a new supply of golf balls!

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New to golf? Here’s how to get started.

Golf is an amazing game, and there’s never been a better time to take it up. If you’ve never played before though, it can seem quite daunting at first – but there’s no need to worry, just remember that every golfer was a beginner once! Here are a few simple tips to encourage you to pick up a club and start playing.

  • Hit balls on a practice range rather than an actual course. That way you’ll feel less under pressure to hit the ball, you won’t be holding anyone up and nobody will be judging you.
  • Watch other golfers at the driving range. You can learn a lot just by observing how people stand, move and strike the ball, and it’ll give you a better idea of what to do.
  • Start by using a wedge rather than a driver. The wedges and higher numbered clubs are easier to hit than the woods and will help you get into the swing of things much quicker.
  • Try to relax when you’re swinging the club. It’s very easy for beginners to tense up and feel they need to hit the ball as hard as possible, but if you relax things can work more naturally.