You're Free to Choose, They're Free to Roam

We know you care where your food comes from so let us introduce our free range egg suppliers.

They’re family-run businesses looking after between 600,000 and 1.75 million hens with Freedom Foods, Woodland Trust, British Lion and RSPCA accreditations to prove that they love chickens as much as you love eggs!


Sunrise Eggs

Phil Crawley and his brother run the enterprise that their father started up in the 50s – in those days the ideas were big and the farm was small!

The farm has grown substantially since then, and so have the oak trees that dot the land. Phil loves to explain how chickens are evolved from Brazilian tree birds and therefore need to spend time grouping around the oaks and sheltering under their branches.

Phil’s three young sons are already heavily involved in the growing the family business further - one of the latest initiatives is to develop more solar power and reduce energy needs around the farm.