Be inspired by Hogwarts, with our Harry Potter range

Our Harry Potter range is here to cast a spell over young wizards and witches everywhere, including toys, Harry Potter bedding and a range of extra special Harry Potter wands! There are even Harry Potter craft kits, as well as a set of Top Trumps cards with all your favourite Harry Potter personalities – magic!


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  • The magic of a light-painting wand
  • Based on the original film props, these are no ordinary wands – their ultra-bright LED tip traces a pattern as you cast your spells, which you can record using the free Wow! Stuff Light Painting app on your smartphone. Amazing!
  • Harry Potter Duvet Sets
  • Wrap yourself up your favourites from the Wizarding World every night with these quality themed duvet sets. Fully reversible and made from a gorgeous soft finish fabric, designs include Deathly Hallows, Great Hall, Hagrid’s Hut or the Golden Snitch.
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  • Your own cuddly Harry Potter
  • Who’s your favourite character from Hogwarts? Whether it’s Harry, Hermione, Ron or Dobby, now you can have your own plush pocket-sized version with these lovable soft toys! They also make a great gift.

Enter the Wizarding World

At Aldi you’ll find a whole range of wonderful wizard accessories to choose from, including Hogwarts school bags, game cards and even Harry Potter inspired by pyjamas!

Make your own magic!

As well as brilliant lunchboxes and Harry Potter pencil cases, we’ve got a range of Harry Potter craft kits – so you can crochet your own Harry or Hedwig, or make a felt Dumbledore or Dobby!

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