• The Hutchinsons
  • Mum Chelsea, a speech therapist, has really enjoyed discovering top swaps at Aldi! Her favourites include our award-winning fresh meats and the Mamia range! Discover more and see if you could save.
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The story so far...

With three demanding kids, Sainsbury’s shopper Chelsea was excited to get out of her comfort zone and try some new amazing Aldi products. Four weeks later, let’s find out how she’s getting on…


*Based on those of the Hutchinsons family’s regular shopping items available at Aldi and comparable goods at Sainsbury’s. Weekly price checks carried out at sainsburys.com from 02.04.18 - 29.04.18. Pro-rata Sainsbury’s price used considering size. Of the Hutchinson family’s regular shopping items 17 items were not available at Aldi. Click here for latest details.


Let’s make it an amazing summer

Whether you’re looking for some delicious things to put on the barbecue for that impromptu summer get-together, a new recipe for dinner or planning an amazing family holiday, there’s something for everyone at Aldi. And it’s not just the price you’ll be amazed at.