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Living well for less can be easy when you know how. Mum of 2, Renu, has found plenty of inspiration for affordable and healthy family meals since she swapped to Aldi.

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  • Renu thinks this one pan Italian fish stew is totally delicious, super healthy and great value for money. “It’s really wholesome and meaty. They all wanted more.” Definitely one for the family recipe album.
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Renu’s top swaps

It’s easy to make healthy choices at healthy prices every week when you shop at Aldi. Feed the family for less with 3 of Renu’s favourite top swaps.


Eating well has never been so easy

Keeping loved ones healthy is a full-time job, but self-confessed foodie and wellness warrior, Renu, knows making small, simple changes can have a major impact on what her family eats.

Live well with Amelia

Energetic mum, Amelia, reveals her secrets for a happy family life from choosing a yummy vegan diet to staying active at home and with the kids. Keep up, everyone!

Deliciously good-for-you recipes 

Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast that will energise your day, quick and easy low-carb feasts that will satisfy you and the kids or just some flavour inspiration, we’ve got just the thing.