Turn the cupboard under your sink into an organised paradise with this storage solution!

Kirkton House Under-Sink Storage

Product Ref: 704925389058900
Kirkton House Under-Sink Storage
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Product Information

  • Brand:

    Kirkton House

  • Dimensions:

    39 x 42.5-72.5 x 27cm (approx.)

  • Product Type:

    Kitchen Storage

We all know the cupboard or area under the sink is one that can be neglected, often we store cleaning products and those odd bits and bobs in there and forget about them! Clear it out and tidy it up with the help of this Kirkton House Under-Sink Storage, perfect for getting back on track with organising your home and keeping your items where they need to be in your home. With 10 adjustable shelves, you'll know where everything belongs and will be less likely to lose those items that have a way of disappearing every now and then!

  • Make the most of your cupboard space
  • Innovative and useful storage
  • 10 Adjustable storage parts
  • Customisable for your needs
  • Drip tray with drainage spout
  • Slim line design
  • Removable hook and tray

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