Save Gotham city from evil with this fun LEGO playset.

LEGO Batman Penguin Pursuit Playset

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LEGO Batman Penguin Pursuit Playset
LEGO Batman Penguin Pursuit Playset
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    4+ years

The Penguin has escaped! Help Batman catch him in his Batboat and watch Batman’s cape fly behind him as he zigzags towards The Penguin in his crazy duck boat. Fire the Batboat’s laser and throw Batman’s Batarang to sink the duck boat and capture The Penguin to lock him away where he belongs. However, it’s not as easy as it seems, as The Penguin deflects attacks with his umbrella! This super fun LEGO playset is perfect for any DC Batman fan.


  • Batman with batarangs
  • Penguin with umbrella
  • Batboat
  • Penguins duck boat
  • Easy to follow build set
  • Encourages interactive play
  • Great way to kick-start their imagination
Safety Warning
Small pieces may pose as a choking hazard

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