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Online Exclusive Collection
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Why not treat yourself to something different? An exciting selection of wines that you won't find in store, which includes everything from our intensely fruity Organic Primitivo, right through to our creamy, luxurious Artisan Tasmanian Chardonnay.

    • Organic Primitivo
    • £ 7.49
    • (32)
    • Primanero is produced using only the exceptional Organic Primitivo grapes grown in Puglia. Selective grapes are dried (Appassimento) following harvesting to concentrate their aromas and rich fruit flavours.

      Primanero has a deep red colour, with a complex bouquet, reminiscent of cherries, raspberries and red currants. The oak aging adds a pleasant roasted and spicy aroma, making this full-bodied and supple wine perfect with roasted red meats and mature cheeses.

    • Premium Clare Valley Riesling
    • £ 10.99
    • (3)
    • A new generation of crafters. Almost fifty years' winemaking knowledge are used to explore and unlock a unique dimension in traditional wines.

      A flawlessly refined expression of classic, dry Clare Valley Riesling, the wine shows elegant citrus and floral aromatics with hints of chalky minerality, the palate is perfectly dry with a lively, refreshing lift and long, subtle finish. As exciting as it is to drink now, this wine will greatly reward many years of bottle maturation.

    • Artisan Tasmanian Chardonnay
    • £ 11.99
    • (10)
    • Glenn James, who has 30 years of winemaking experience throughout Australia and New Zealand is now Chief Winemaker for Winemaking Tasmania. Following 20 years involvement with the Tasmanian wine industry.

      Single vineyard, hand-picked and artisanally crafted using only traditional methods and indigenous yeasts, this Chardonnay is a stunning example of the power, purity and viticultural potential of this amazing island - its people and its produce.

      Situated on the 42nd parallel, the island of Tasmania is Australia's most southerly state. Cold, isolated and beautiful, the pristine natural environment of Tasmania affords the opportunity to craft unique, sophisticated parcels of some of the world's finest varietal wines.

    • Paxton Now Organic Shiraz
    • £ 8.99
    • (38)
    • A vibrant drink NOW style Shiraz. This Natural organic wine has an elegant perfumed fragrance balanced with bright berry fruits, a soft delicate mouthfeel and a gorgeous finish.

      No added sulphur. Preservative free and biodynamic.

    • Organic Sicilian Chardonnay
    • £ 5.99
    • (4)
    • Elegant and delightful notes of citrus blossom and white peach. Intense and rich with a refreshing crisp finish. Perfect with seafood dishes of fresh Mediterranean salads.

    • Terra Sana Organic Sauvignon Blanc
    • £ 6.99
    • (22)
    • This wine has been made with a more traditional, natural approach. It is an expression of this vineyard's know-how to produce organic wines and is typically fruity, refreshing and pleasant to drink, with intense fruit.

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Due to variations in the winemaking process the actual Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of the wine which you receive may vary by +/- 0.5% compared with the ABV shown in the images on our site.

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