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Organic Selection

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Organic Selection
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By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under 18

This wonderful selection of wines is perfect for those who prefer to opt for our organic wines. This beautiful mixed case has some fantastic reds, such as our Paxton Now Organic Shiraz, refreshing and fruity wines or our Organic Sparkling Rosé  for those of you who prefer bubbles.

    • Organic Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie
    • £ 5.99
    • (243)
    • Grown using organic methods, the grapes used for this beautiful Pinot Grigio result in an intense nose of pear and green apple, followed by aromas of acacia flowers and honeycomb. Perfect when paired with light starters or superb as an aperitif.

    • Organic Sparkling Grillo
    • £ 6.49
    • (33)
    • From sunshine filled vineyards in Sicily, this Organic Grillo Spumante is vibrantly fresh with citrus and floral notes.

      Refreshing acidity is balanced by a soft and fine perlage. A refreshing fizz with delicate notes of melon, honeysuckle and pomelo with crisp citrus acidity.

    • Organic Sparkling Rosé
    • £ 7.99
    • (175)
    • The family-run winery responsible for this bottle have devoted themselves to growing their grapes without herbicides or pesticides, and to produce all their wines to strict sustainability principles.

      Grown using organic methods, the grapes used for this Vino Rosé Spumante result in aromas of strawberry, cranberry and notes of cherry. Crisp acidity and a fine mousse balance well within the ripeness of the crushed berry flavours.

      By drinking this organic Rosé Spumante you are choosing a more sustainable product that is free from the use of chemicals in the vineyard.

    • Organic Prosecco
    • £ 7.99
    • (490)
    • Eco-friendly fizz sourced from 150-hectare estate, 30km north-east of Venice. Grown with no pesticides or herbicides used in the vineyard, the grapes are predominately hand picked and gently pressed to ensure only the highest quality of juice is used. The winery is also committed to using renewable energy wherever possible.

    • Paxton Now Organic Shiraz
    • £ 8.99
    • (38)
    • A vibrant drink NOW style Shiraz. This Natural organic wine has an elegant perfumed fragrance balanced with bright berry fruits, a soft delicate mouthfeel and a gorgeous finish.

      No added sulphur. Preservative free and biodynamic.

    • Toro Loco Spanish Organic Red
    • £ 4.99
    • (245)
    • Our organic Toro Loco is an earthy red wine that's bursting with life. Its origins are in Utiel-Requena - a Spanish region blessed by an amazing climate. Fresh and juicy, this organically certified wine is a perfect partner to pasta and burgers - and it's great on its own too!

Average Price: £7.07

Due to variations in the winemaking process the actual Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of the wine which you receive may vary by +/- 0.5% compared with the ABV shown in the images on our site.

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