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With our quality bedding range, you can get a better night’s sleep without breaking your budget. From duvets and pillows to mattresses and electric blankets, we have all the quality and comfort you could ask for. Learn more below.


  • Printed Duvet Set
  • Get that fresh new bedding feeling with our stylish print duvet sets. They’re made with polyester cotton and come in a choice of 5 designs suitable for double and king size beds. Each set includes 2 pillowcases and can be machine washed.
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Struggling to sleep well? Here are some simple tips to help

Get your day right

Fresh air and exercise will help you sleep better, as will eating more fruit and veg and drinking more water. No big meals less than 4 hours before bed either, or your body will be working too hard to sleep.


Wind down and switch off

Relax for 45 minutes before bed – maybe read, do yoga, listen to music or have a bath. And leave phones, tablets and TVs out of the bedroom – it’s time for sleep, not emails or Facebook.


Still can’t sleep?

Try distracting your mind with something trivial, like imagining how you’d kit out your own private jet. If you’re awake for 20 minutes or more, get up and listen to the radio, read or sit quietly with a herbal tea until you feel sleepy again.


Your guide to Bedding

  • Duvet Tog Guide

    A ‘tog’ measures how well a duvet traps warm air: the higher the number, the warmer it is so choose a duvet that’s designed for the season – 2.5 to 7 tog is ideal for spring/summer, and 10.5 to 13.5 for autumn /winter.
  • What is Easy Care?

    Our Easy Care bed linen allows you to enjoy that lovely feeling of climbing into a fresh clean bed easily, with a durable blend of cotton and polyester that’s really comfortable, wrinkle-resistant and easy to dry.