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Caring for your dog

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    for dogs
  • Whether it’s creating a special space that’s all their own, finding them the comfiest bed to sleep in or grooming them to look their best, your dog will love being treated to our latest products just for them.

Looking after your dog

There’s so much joy to be had from owning a dog! But to make sure you keep that tail wagging, here are a few useful tips on looking after them.

A dog cage helps them feel safe and secure

Young dogs need to have a space of their own, and a cage is ideal for taking it wherever they go. Place bedding in it to make it comfortable and inviting, take their collar off and make sure it’s private but accessible and they’ll soon get used to it!

Choose the right dog bed

Dogs vary enormously in size, so make sure they’ll be comfortable in their bed. Round, oval or rectangular is fine as long as they have room to stretch out – big dogs may prefer a mattress to a bed with sides – and place it somewhere warm, quiet and secure.

Brush up on your grooming

Dogs love regular brushing, and it removes loose hair and dirt, preventing tangles and matting. Always brush in the direction the hair lies, and be gentle around their belly and chest. The longer the coat, the more often you should groom – for both dogs and cats!

Caring for your cat

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    for cats
  • Cats come in all shapes and sizes, and have very different temperaments. But one thing’s for sure – from giving them a super place to sleep to showering them with love (and cat toys), Aldi has everything you need!

Understanding your cat

How well do you know your feline friend? Here we’ll give you the lowdown on choosing the right cat bed, the right cat food and the best cat toys.

  • Cat beds and cat naps

    Domestic cats sleep for 12 to 18 hours a day – as a predator, sleep allows them to replenish their energy ready for hunting. They love to bed down somewhere with sides too…so our Cat Cave is just purrfect!
  • Cats love their food!

    As natural meat eaters, cats need to have the right balance of nutrients in their food, which should contain animal-derived material. Aldi offers a range of cat foods, all nutritionally balanced.

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