Since 2017 we have removed over 3,000 tonnes of sugar from existing ranges!

Lowering sugar consumption is a key focus for Aldi and it’s for this reason we’ve committed to the Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, which includes a target of reducing sugar levels by 20% before 2020.

As of 2017 we have already made amazing progress by reducing sugar levels across many ranges, including biscuits, fizzy drinks, juice drinks, yogurts, jams, marmalades and peanut butters. We’ve also made sure none of our range of children's drinks contain added sugar and in March 2018 we restricted the sale of high energy caffeine drinks to under 16s.

A few examples of how we are reducing sugar across our range

Although this is fantastic, we remain committed to continuing to reduce the amount of sugar in our product range. Working together with our suppliers we are confident that these reductions will continue.


Healthier Checkouts

Another clever way we’re helping customers make healthier choices is through Healthier Tills. A lot of last minute purchases are made at the checkout and that can mean temptation, but in Aldi stores, you’ll only find good stuff at the tills, like delicious dried fruits and nuts or nutritious snacks. We’ve been doing this since 2015 and our efforts have even been welcomed by the British Nutrition Foundation and British Dietetic Association.