Treat the family to a week of France!

We’re bringing the best of the world to you this summer with our amazing Taste of the World Tour. Each week, we’ll pick out a much-loved destination and celebrate all the local delights. This week it’s France! Which means world-class cuisine and delicate treats, along with fun challenges and family crafts to express your creativity. Vive la France!

French recipes to enjoy together

If France is known for one thing, it’s the food. From the rich sauces and deep flavours of their mains, to their delightful morning pastries and iconic sweet desserts. You’ll find all this and much more in our French cookbook this week. Just pick out your favourites and transport your taste buds to the cafés and brasseries of Paris. Parfait.

Crêpes à la you

Get a taste for the French way of life with some beautiful crêpes in the morning. They’re so easy to make and taste even better with your favourite toppings. Just ask wonder mum @emmajaulin. She loves sharing a stack with her family. See what flavours she adds to hers and try your own.

 A toast to French wine

Find your joie de vivre with our spectacular selection of French wines. There are bottles that are perfect for pairing with your authentic French food, made to whisk you away to a beach in Nice. Choose your favourites and enjoy.

 Family fun, straight from France!

We asked Instagram Mums @ohshittwins and @thedairyfreemum to show us their best French-inspired craft ideas. They blew us away with their colourful, crafty tips and we can’t wait to see you try them at home.

 World-class challenges for the family

Our Team GB athletes travel all around the world learning new fun skills and tricks. Our superstar diver Lois Toulson loves Paris, so she wanted to share her favourite challenge with you all! See how many tins you can stack up and knock down. Don’t forget to share your effort across social media!

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 Postcards from our trip to France

Our Swap and Save families are also enjoying the Taste of the World Tour with us. This week, they’ve tried out all the recipes and craft ideas and picked out their favourites! See how they got on and show us your highlights across our social media.

  • Ratatouille is a household name around the world, but the Claytons had never tried it! Turns out, they all love it. Thanks to @andrea.ita.garcia for the inspiration.

  • The family had lots of fun doing Lois Toulson’s Tennis Knockdown challenge this week. Try it for yourself and see who’s standing tall.

  • The kids were kept busy with a fun Tour de France craft idea. They decorated their bike wheels with classic French colours and all the things they love.

Jet set with Get Set to Eat Fresh

Learn about new dishes and new places around the world with our Get Set to Eat Fresh Worlds of Food guides. They’re great for teaching young children and teenagers the importance of eating healthily and how different cultures use fresh foods in their delicious dishes.

 See you in the Summer Club!

Fill your days with fun craft ideas and exciting challenges! The Summer Club has plenty of both and a few extra surprises every week too. Get started with a colourful celebration of France and some delicious local dishes. Don’t forget to show everyone your best bits and funniest fails across social media.

 Welcome to Aldi’s Taste of the World Tour.

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Everything covered for summer

Away from our worldwide tour, you’ll find everything you need to make your summer amazing in store and online. Get recipe inspiration in the Taste Kitchen, restock your drinks cupboard with online orders, and pop in store for your big shop. Plan it all here.