It’s time for Italy!

Every week, we take our tour to an exciting new country and shine a light on everything that makes it amazing. This week it’s Italy! So that means world-class wining & dining, passion for creativity and a love of all things famiglia. This is going to be a fun one!

Explore our Italian Cookbook

From Milan to Sicily, all Italians know amazing food. No matter the course, their dishes are loved around the world for their incredible flavours. Here’s just a taste of our Italian cookbook and the recipes you should be enjoying this week. If you want more inspiration, our full list of recipes will excite you.

Dizzy drawing challenge!

Our amazing Team GB athletes travel the world learning new skills and tricks. Superstar climber Shauna Coxey spent time training in Italy and wanted to create a fun challenge for you and your family to try. Give it a go and share your efforts on social media.

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Join the Italian family fun

Our swap and save families have had a lot of fun with Italy week! They’ve made authentic Italian meals together, tried out all the challenges and even created an amazing lemonade stand for the kids. See their holiday at home highlights here.

  • The Booker family took inspiration from @healthymumway and made their own panna cotta creation. Very fancy!
  • Shauna Coxey’s challenge provided lots of laughs for the family. The kids loved watching Mum and Dad do their best dizzy drawings of the tower.
  • Making @healthymumway’s lemonade stand was the highlight of the week for the kids. Half the fun was making it from scratch.

Jet set with Get Set to Eat Fresh

Learn about new dishes and new places around the world with our Get Set to Eat Fresh Worlds of Food guides. They’re great for teaching young children and teenagers the importance of eating healthily and how different cultures use fresh foods in their delicious dishes.

See you in the Summer Club!

Fill your days with fun craft ideas and exciting challenges! The Summer Club has plenty of both and a few extra surprises every week too. Get started with a wonderful celebration of Italy filled with incredible food and family fun. Don’t forget to show everyone your best bits and funniest fails across social media.

 Welcome to Aldi’s Taste of the World Tour.

Where shall we go?

Everything covered for summer

Away from our worldwide tour, you’ll find everything you need to make your summer amazing in store and online. Get recipe inspiration in the Taste Kitchen, restock your drinks cupboard with online orders, and pop in store for your big shop. Plan it all here.