Summer starts with a taste of Spain

Bring the best of the world to you this summer with our Taste of the World Tour. Every week, we’ll spotlight a new destination and all the local delights we love. Our first stop is Spain, so that means incredible dishes and drinks, fun arts and crafts for the kids, and exciting family challenges. Let’s get the show on the road!

Spanish recipes to make together

Picture yourself walking along the streets of Barcelona or Madrid, taking in the delightful smells of the markets and cafes. There’s always so many incredible flavours and local delicacies to enjoy. Now snap back to the here and now and get yourself ready to recreate those spectacular Spanish meals in your own home. We’ve got everything covered in our worldwide cookbook. Let’s make it amazing.

World-class challenges for Mum and Dad

Team GB travel all around the world picking up new recipes, tips and tricks all the time. World-class triathlete Jonny Brownlee came up with the tricky matador ball challenge while training in Spain. How many can you do?

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Join the family holiday fun

Our Swap and Save families have had an amazing time enjoying the fun and sun of Spain from their homes. Now they’re sharing their favourite Spanish recipes and ideas for you to try. Give them all a go this weekend!

Jet set with Get Set to Eat Fresh

Learn about new dishes and new places around the world with our Get Set to Eat Fresh Worlds of Food guides. They’re great for teaching young children and teenagers the importance of eating healthy and how different cultures use fresh foods in their delicious dishes.

See you in the Summer Club!

Fill your days with fun craft ideas and exciting challenges! The Summer Club has plenty of both and even a few more extra surprises every week. Now it’s time to make a traditional Spanish Piñata with hidden treats inside. Then give Nile Wilson’s challenge a try and share your efforts with us on social media.


Welcome to Aldi’s Taste of the World Tour.

Where shall we go?

Everything covered for summer

Away from our worldwide tour, you’ll find everything you need to make your summer amazing in store and online. Get recipe inspiration in the Taste Kitchen, restock your drinks cupboard with online orders, and pop in store for your big shop. Plan it all here.