Our amazing ride on toys

Steer, pedal, ride, push and play. Let them enjoy a world of pure imagination with our quality range ride on toys. From emergency vehicles to super speedy road cars, they’ll be able to zoom and rock around for hours. And all at amazing Aldi prices.


  • Ride-on Fire Engine
  • What does your little one want to be when they grow up? Let them live out the dreams of being a firefighter with this brilliant 6v Ride-on Fire Engine Bike which is jam packed with cool features, like a flashing rear light and siren.
  • Ride on Police Bike
  • Get ready for action on this battery-operated ride-on emergency vehicle with a top speed of 3kmph, working pedal, headlights, sound effects and flashing light pole. Off they go!

The benefits of Ride-on toys

Toddlers develop so fast it’s hard to keep up. So, it’s great to have toys that help them have fun while learning new skills at the same time. That’s the advantage of ride-on toys. They’re really entertaining for the children, but they also encourage them to be more independent, balanced, coordinated and healthy. Here’s a few of the top benefits of ride-on toys.

  • Great for mobility and motor skills

    Ride-on toys are designed to help children learn to use their legs to propel themselves forward. As well, it enhances arm motor skills through learning to steer.

  • Encourages better balance

    Simply sitting on and off these toys helps your child learn to balance on the seat even as even as they hold themselves up with the handlebars.

  • Helps improve coordination

    Controlling the handlebars and leg power as well as fine-tuning their ability to turn corners etc. all encourage fantastic coordination between hands, arms, legs, and feet.

  • Keeps them active for longer

    All that riding and zooming around, playing and pushing, turning and chasing… well it’s tiring isn’t it. Perfect for wearing them out before bed. Phew!

Welcome to a world of pure imagination

Come with us and they’ll see that all their wishes can come true with a little imagination and some great value on branded toys, ride-on toys and more.