Veg Power and Aldi are helping kids eat more healthily


It’s an unfortunate fact that kids don’t like eating their vegetables, so Aldi have partnered with Veg Power to make eating healthily more exciting for children under 18.  “Eat Them to Defeat Them” is a national campaign aiming to inspire kids to eat more veg, all of which is available at Aldi at amazing prices.  The campaign has been funded by donations from supermarkets and brands coming together to support their customers.


Have you seen the ad?  

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  • Keep track of your kids’ progress with a downloadable Rewards Chart. As each veg gets defeated, simply colour in the chart until they’re all tracked down, once and for all! Download all you need here to get started.
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Amazing fruit and veg

For healthy snacks and fresh ingredients, head down to your local Aldi to discover our full range of fresh fruit and veg, all available at amazing value.

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