The popularity of plant-based diets

If you fancy trying vegan for a month (or more), you’re not alone. Last year, over 400,000 people signed up for Veganuary for a variety of reasons – whether it’s because it’s healthier, kinder to animals or better for the environment. We’ll show you how easy it is to make a plant-based diet tasty and exciting – and with so many vegan options available at Aldi, you can even do it on a budget!


Finding the right recipes

Changing to a meat-free diet successfully can be as simple as finding recipes that tempt you with all sorts of new ingredients and flavours to enjoy – and you’ll find plenty of suitable starters, mains and desserts in our recipe collection! Here are just a few.

Vegan @ Aldi

Thought it’d be hard to find vegan alternatives to your favourite things? Think again! At Aldi we’ve a whole range of delicious meat-free options, and it’s growing all the time. Plus, of course, it’s all at amazing Aldi prices!

Keeping fit on a vegan diet

A vegan diet can give you all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need. But in certain cases – such as those who like to keep fit and burn a lot of calories – you might need to look at what you eat to get the balance right.

  • Over 25% protein, making them an excellent meat alternative
  • High in fat and calories for energy, and a good source of protein
  • Packed with protein and fibre, ultra-low in saturated fat
  • Try a secret superfood. Avocado may be higher in fat, but will also keep you fuller for longer.
  • All the protein and energy you need
  • Exercise means stocking up on protein and calories – and a vegan diet gives you plenty of options. Here is a delicious breakfast recipe packed with energy for active vegans!