Keep everything in tip top shape with WD-40 Multipurpose Oil

WD-40 Multipurpose Oil

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WD-40 Multipurpose Oil
WD-40 Multipurpose Oil
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Product Information

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  • Product Type:

    Motor Oil and Lubricants

  • Volume:

    180ml (approx.)

Everything will be squeak free with WD-40 Multipurpose Oil. Protect your metals from corrosion, loosen rusted parts and provide ample lubrication. Easily penetrates grime and grit for a clean and efficient finish.

  • Versatile, multi-use oil
  • Smart straw for accurate application
  • Sprays 2 ways: wide or narrow
  • Lubricates, removes residues and dissolves
  • Displaces moisture and prevents corrosion
  • Active substance content 97 %
  • Ozone-friendly propellant CO2 - 3 %
  • Silicone-free, therefore antistatic; does not attract dust or dirt
  • 86 % biodegradable

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