A delicious selection of gin and gin liqueurs!

Winter Gin Selection

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Winter Gin Selection
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Impress your guests with this selection of gin and gin liqueurs!

You have everything you need to make great winter warming cocktails! Highlights include the deliciously rich and fruity spiced apple and winter berry gin and warming cranberry and orange gin liqueur.

    • Candy Cane Gin Liqueur
    • £ 3.50
    • (40)
    • Lovingly distilled in only small batches, this fabulous Candy Cane flavoured Gin Liqueur has an evocative candy shop confectionery aroma, with a wonderfully balanced sweet peppermint flavour and hints of smooth vanilla.

      Please note this product is not available for delivery to Scotland or Wales.

    • Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Gin
    • £ 14.99
    • (26)
    • The elegantly smooth and complex taste you experience when you sip Greyson's Spiced Apple & Winter Berry Flavoured Gin is best described as rich, warm and fruity, with fresh apple undertones combined with sweet woody cinnamon and bursts of berry flavours.

    • Orange & Cranberry Gin Liqueur
    • £ 3.99
    • (11)
    • Handcrafted in France and lovingly distilled in small batches. This gin liqueur is a combination of sweet orange and cranberry flavours followed by a warming ginger spice finish.


    • Sloe & Elderberry Gin Liqueur
    • £ 10.99
    • (21)
    • Crafted to perfection in only small batches, this gin liqueur brings traditional rich, warming sloe and combines it with mellow fruitfulness of elderberry. Perfect to sip, or mix with tonic for a long, light drink.

    • Gingerbread Gin Liqueur
    • £ 9.99
    • (64)
    • Distilled in only small batches, this rich, fruity and spicy Gingerbread Flavour Gin Liqueur is a fabulous rich dessert drink.

    • Winter Warmer Old Tom Gin
    • £ 19.99
    • (12)
    • Old Tom Gin was a gin style popular in the 18th-century England which has experienced a resurgence recently. Why? Because it's slightly drier than Dutch Jenever, but slightly sweeter than the London dry style. Thus it's sometimes called the 'missing link' in the cocktail world. Perfect for developing recipes that dabble in tradition, but taste modern.

      This winter warmer Old Tom Gin from Eden Mill is just that. A classic Old-Tom Gin with a heavy mouth-feel and balanced flavour, with a seasonal twist of ginger, dried fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Think a warm hot toddy that smells like your favourite festive pudding on a chilly Scottish evening.

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