A traditional drink mixing whisky, sugar & aromatic bitters

  • Serves: 1 person
  • Prep time: 15 minutes
    • British

    Old Fashioned

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    For the bitters

    6 x Peppercorns

    6 x Frozen or fresh Cherries

    ½ tsp Mixed Spice

    ½ Orange peel

    75ml Water

    50ml Whisky or Vodka


    For the Old Fashioned

    1 tsp Granulated Sugar

    1 tsp Bitters

    60ml Whisky

    Splash light Tonic Water

    Orange slice and Cherry to serve


    For the bitters – (this total batch will create 10 servings)

    Place all ingredients for the bitters into a small pan and bring to the boil.

    As soon as the mix has boiled, remove from the heat and allow to cool.

    When cool, strain through a fine sieve and set aside.

    Keep the cherries for serving later.


    For the Old Fashioned

    Put the sugar, bitters and tonic water in a small tumbler.

    Mix until the sugar dissolves.

    Fill your glass with ice and stir in the whisky.

    Add more tonic water if you like and mix.

    Garnish with a slice of orange and cherry.