Aldi makes the everyday amazing. But amazing doesn’t happen overnight. So we’re making changes to be GREENER, HEALTHIER and FAIRER every single day.

That means working with suppliers who share our priorities, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions and food waste, using more sustainable packaging, encouraging healthy nutrition, championing higher animal welfare standards and supporting human rights throughout our business and supply chains.



We’re working hard to tackle climate change. That’s why we want to work with suppliers who are committed to*:

•       An ongoing reduction of carbon emissions with science-based targets in line with 1.5 degree warming. See how to set your own targets here

•       Conducting Lifecycle Assessments for all high-volume lines, to help us better understand and reduce our Scope 3 Carbon emissions

•       Meeting WRAP’s Courtauld 2030 Commitment, working towards reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.  Read more here

•       WRAP’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap. Outlined here

•       Working with organisations to find new ways to redistribute surplus. For example, Aldi is working alongside NeighbourlyFoodCloudThe Company Shop and The Bread and Butter Thing to redistribute our food waste


We support our customers to live healthier lifestyles. So, we like to work with suppliers who are doing all of this*:

•       Actively looking for new and innovative ideas to reduce the saturated fat, calories, salt, and sugar content of products (in line with the Public Health England targets where relevant)

•       Demonstrating their own health strategy aimed at supporting and improving consumer health

•       Providing innovative solutions for reformulation of products to support consumer health

•       Demonstrating awareness of customer trends and being proactive in supporting Aldi to meet shifting eating habits


We support our communities and make sure people in our entire supply chains are treated fairly. So we want to work with suppliers who*:

•       Have grievance and health and safety policies in place

•       Have a policy that addresses workers’ rights

•       Have a remediation strategy for dealing with human rights and modern slavery issues

•       Respect the environment and communities they’re operating in



In the UK, Aldi supports the fantastic efforts of Teenage Cancer Trust as our charity partner, and we want to expand this relationship wherever possible.

We’d love to see our suppliers take up partnership opportunities with Teenage Cancer Trust. It’s completely optional, and any new partnerships are not related directly to Aldi.

Together, we can make changes to be Better Everyday and make sustainability affordable.

* Not all expectations apply to all suppliers


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