If you like saving on a week of family dinners

Make the most of your weekly budget by swapping your big shop to Aldi this summer. We’ve put together the perfect family basket to feed everyone in your home. All the products inside make up 7 delicious meals, 1 for each night of the week. So, you can save time on planning what to eat, and save money on your shopping too. Amazing.

†Comparison of products shown only. Tesco may sell ‘own brand’ products at different prices. Lowest Tesco price pro rata, considering size & offers, used & checked on tesco.com on 01.07.20. Excludes condiments and seasoning. Product & price may vary in Scotland and Aldi Local stores. Excludes Deliveroo. For full details please visit aldi.co.uk/swap.

Meet the Booker Family

Keeping everyone happy with tasty meals and nutritious snacks is a never-ending daily mission right now. Like many families who have made the switch to Aldi, the Bookers have been finding some much-needed inspiration in their shopping basket. Mum Faye says one of her new go-to bakes are these delicious Mediterranean Tarts.

  • Terrific tarts
  • Thanks to her awesome Aldi swaps, Mum Faye is finding lots of ways to keep the menu packed with delicious and nutritious things to eat this summer. Like these tasty Mediterranean Tarts – perfect for picnics with salad, dips and fresh fruit.

Swap and serve up a family feast

As well as lots of quality ingredient swaps at prices you’ll love, we’ve got plenty of summer recipes to inspire your family meals at Aldi. Try this mouthwatering Andalusian Cod, or a crowd-pleasing Garlic Crispy Chicken. How about everyone’s favourite Pepperoni and Pepper Pizza, or an oh-so-good-for-you Vegan Bean Chili? Go on, cook up a flavour feast, for less.

Lots more to like this summer

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