First you swap, then you save

At Aldi, we’re all about amazing prices that make quality food more affordable for you and your family. Check out our tasty recipes and product swaps for some wonderfully warming dishes while the weather’s still on the chilly side. Go on, switch today and see how much you could save!

Family dinner savings

†Based on a comparison of Aldi products against products shown. Tesco may sell ‘own brand’ products at different prices, used and checked on on 17/01/2022. Aldi prices and packaging correct as of 17/01/2022. Subject to availability. Products and price may vary in Scotland, Aldi Local and for Deliveroo.



It’s time to Swap & Save

There’s a lot to like about Swap & Save. See for yourself! Stock up on all your family’s favourite household brands and fresh products for a trolley load of savings.

†Based on a comparison of Aldi products against products shown only. Tesco may sell own brand/other products at different prices. Lowest Tesco price pro rata, considering size and offers, used and checked on on 17/01/2022. Clubcard prices not included. Aldi price and packaging correct as of 17/01/2022. Subject to availability. Product packaging may differ in each region. Products and price may vary in Scotland & Aldi Local. For more information visit

Of Tesco’s 26,976 products (as of 17/01/22), Tesco Aldi price match approx. 611 products (as of 17/01/22). Therefore, Tesco Aldi price match approximately 3% of their range. Contact us for more at 0800 042 0800.

  • Officially the UK’s Cheapest Supermarket
  • It’s official - Aldi is has been crowned WHICH? Cheapest supermarket for 2021. So, if you want great quality food at the lowest price then you’ve swapped to the right shop. Now you’re here, why not have a look around at all our amazing offers.
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  • Build a gym on a budget
  • Whatever your fitness regime, Aldi’s fitness Specialbuys will help you create your very own home gym at amazing value-for-money prices. So you can get the shape you’ve always wanted, for less.
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Save even more with our amazing in store offers

We work with the best suppliers to stock every store with quality fresh meat, fish, fruit and veg. Then every two weeks we pick 6 of our favourites and offer them to our customers at super low prices. And all at no extra cost to our amazing suppliers. Aldi. Super quality. Super value.

Try something new

Celebrate a fresh start to the year with some freshly made family dinners. Now’s the perfect time to try something new, so check out these delicious recipes. Tasty, healthy and all amazingly good value.