• Serves: 1 person
  • Prep time: 5 minutes
    • British

    Apple Pie on the Rocks

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    35ml Vodka

    35ml Whisky

    140ml Apple Juice

    Drop of Vanilla Extract

    Pinch of Ground Cinammon

    50g Brown Sugar

    1 Apple (sliced thinly)

    Handful of ice cubes


    Dip the edge of your glass in water and then the brown sugar to create a rim.

    Fill the glass with ice.

    Combine the vodka, whiskey, apple juice, vanilla extract and cinnamon in a shaker, shaking for about 30 seonds until well mixed (if you don’t have a shaker, give it a good stir in a tall glass).

    Pour over the ice in the glass and serve with a slice of fresh apple as a garnish.

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