Let’s make mealtimes easy, delicious and nutritious!

We all want to be sure we’re giving our children healthy and nutritious food they’ll love. And Mamia’s award-winning range does just that. It’s packed with organic goodness, with no added sugar or preservatives and there’s a of pureed pouches, wholesome meals or snacks. Here’s a bit more about the range.

  • Babies first tastes

    These smoothly blended fruit pouches are great to start your weaning journey.

  • Award-winning yoghurts

    These tasty, top quality Mamia Greek-style yoghurts are ideal for Stage 2, from 6 months on, parents love them just as much as their babies do!

  • Award-winning breakfast options

    These tasty, top quality Mamia Greek-style yoghurts are ideal for 6 months on, and perfect for on the go!

  • Wholesome meals and snacks

    Once they get to the 12 month mark, you’ll be looking for nutritious meals and snacks for them. Here’s a few from our range.

  • Little tummies love organic
  • It’s reassuring to know you are giving your baby food that’s packed with wholesome, natural 100% organic ingredients with no additives, no preservatives or added sugar. That’s one of the reasons parents choose Mamia. That and the fact it tastes so good.
  • Try it!

4 simple steps to baby weaning

There’s no right or wrong way to wean – you can try baby-led or spoon-fed. Whatever works for you we’ve got all sorts of tried and tested recipes for every stage.

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Super 6, super healthy

Little ones’ meals should use healthy, high quality ingredients – so you’ll find our Super 6 is really handy! Every week we take the very best fruit and veg in season and reduce the price, so you can give your baby the nutrition they need for less!

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