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5 baby-steps to weaning.

When it comes to Baby-led or Spoon-fed, there’s no one right or wrong way to weaning, but there are some common dishes that have been proven to work well. So, if you don’t know where to start with your weaning, start with step 1 below.

1. Start with puréed single vegetables, like carrots or broccoli

2. Explore new veg and fruit, combining flavours and adding more lumpiness

3. Add meat, fish, proteins, dairy and carbs like rice and potatoes

4. Bring variety to their breakfast with cereals, porridge, toast bites, fruit or even omelettes

5. Establish ‘3 meals a day’ routine with fun and social family meals

Help with weaning

It can be a tricky time for both parent and baby, but we’re here to help you through the weaning process with helpful advice and all the accessories you need. Take a look at our range of recipe books, food flasks and freezer pots. Available to pre-order online from the 6th January. 

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