Who said a dessert can’t be healthy?

  • Serves: 2 people
    • British

    Chocolate Berry Mess

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    Dark chocolate (85%) 80g

    Mixed berries (defrosted) 80g

    Natural yoghurt 150g

    Milled flax (blend with berries) 20g


    Chop the chocolate into small chunks - or give a quick blast in a blender.

    Mix the chocolate, berries and yoghurt together and sprinkle on the flax seed.

    If you want a bit more sweetness give it a squirt of honey.


    Team GB nutritionist Nigel Mitchell says:

    Dark chocolate is full of cocoa flavonoids which are associated with improving mood and cognitive function, while the yoghurt provides great protein and live bacteria which can impact our gut health.

    Brightly coloured berries are packed with antioxidants which are said to help with numerous mood disorders and the flax seeds provide great fats for the brain which can be mood uplifting.

    This simple sweet could also make a great snack or maybe even breakfast!

    TOP TIP: Frozen berries are convenient, cost effective and nutritious. Just take out what you need the night before and let them defrost.

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