At Aldi, we are committed to ensuring our products are made in a sustainable way, and that we consider environmental and social standards in our global supply chains - from raw materials to final products.

Sustainable agricultural practices and the responsible use of resources help protect the environment and ensure the long-term availability of resources in the future. As a global retailer, we will create lasting change by focusing our activities on high-priority raw materials and commodity groups, such as cocoa, coffee, cotton and tropical fruit.

For years we have been working with our suppliers to increase the number of independently certified products we sell, such as bananas, cocoa, coffee and tea. To do this, we use schemes such as Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance.

These certification bodies have social, economic and environmental requirements, to help protect and improve the lives of farmers, their communities and their environment.

Choosing independently certified products is one way of ensuring that producers in less economically developed countries receive a fair price for their products as well as ensuring that we save threatened wildlife and fight deforestation.


We’re working towards increasing the number of certified sustainable products we sell by an additional 10% by 2025.

We’ll achieve this through…

…continuing to be, or working towards being certified sustainable by 2025.

We’ll also continue to increase certification in other products outside of these categories, such as flowers and tea.


  • All of our roasted ground, beans and pods are certified sustainable.
  • All of our pineapples and bananas are certified sustainable. In 2021, we sold 31 million Fairtrade bananas!
  • We sold over 29 million Fairtrade flower stems in 2021, the 2nd largest retailer volume in the UK! We support Fairtrade in Ethiopia, helping hundreds of Ethiopian workers and their families find specialist medical care and access to education.
  • We are the second biggest contributor to Fairtrade cocoa, representing over 20% of all retailer volumes! This means our Fairtrade Cocoa producers received over £530k in Premium from our sales in 2021.

Empowering Women

We have supported women’s empowerment for flower growers in Ethiopia. We think that it is essential to support the countries around the world where our products are produced in order to address equality challenges and create fair and supportive working environments.