You’ll see from our Pea Please commitments and Healthy Checkout policy that we specifically put healthy products in prominent and important parts of the stores to ensure that healthy products are easily accessible.

In addition to product placement, Aldi do not offer multi-buy promotions and instead invest in everyday great value. This makes it easier for customers to buy the products they want, in the quantities they need, avoiding the temptation to buy more than necessary, which can lead to overconsumption and food waste. This supports our customers to live healthier lifestyles.

 We’re waving goodbye to pester power!

 Transparent labelling and marketing is one of the key pillars in our Health Strategy and responsible marketing towards children falls within this. In the midst of an obesity crisis, we have a responsibility to do all we can to promote healthier lifestyles, particularly to children.

The use of cartoon characters on children’s packaging could be considered a marketing tool to influence children and entice pester power. Therefore, here at Aldi, we have made the decision to remove cartoon characters across the key categories defined by Public Health England that contribute the most sugar to children’s diets.

We still use cartoon characters on some of our children’s fruit and vegetable lines to encourage their consumption.