So what body are you looking for?

    Red wines are judged by their body. A light bodied wine will be lower in alcohol than a fuller bodied – but always check the ABV on the label just to be sure!
    For a more medium bodied wine, look no further than a bottle of La Tinta Shiraz - ripe black fruit flavours with a spicy hint of pepper make it a great choice.
    For a more full bodied red, open a bottle of Toscana Rosso this deep, ruby-red wine is perfect with pasta, meat and tomato based dishes.
    Whatever body you desire, there is a perfect match for everyone. 

Rockstone Ridge Merlot

£3.29 each£1.29 18.7cl, £5.17 per 75cl

Baron St Jean Red Wine 

each£2.99 75cl, £2.99 per 75cl

Castellore Italian Red Wine

£3.15 each£2.99 75cl, £2.99 per 75cl

Grapevine Merlot

each£3.19 75cl, £3.19 per 75cl

Budavar Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

each£3.49 75cl, £3.49 per 75cl

La Tinta Shiraz

£3.69 each£3.29 75cl, £3.29 per 75cl

Castellore Montepulciano

each£3.79 75cl, £3.79 per 75cl

Toro Loco Tempranillo

£3.79 each£3.59 75cl, £3.59 per 75cl

Côtes du Rhône

each£3.89 75cl, £3.89 per 75cl

Andara Chilean Merlot

each£3.99 75cl, £3.99 per 75cl

Cambalala Pinotage Shiraz

£3.99 each£3.99 75cl, £3.99 per 75cl

Kooliburra Shiraz Australian Cabernet

each£3.99 75cl, £3.99 per 75cl

Kooliburra Australian Shiraz

each£3.99 75cl, £3.99 per 75cl

Castellore Chianti DOCG

each£4.49 75cl, £4.49 per 75cl

Rockstone Ridge Merlot

each£4.49 75cl, £4.49 per 75cl

Vignobles Roussellet Malbec 

each£4.39 75cl, £4.39 per 75cl

Vignobles Roussellet Pinot Noir

each£4.39 75cl, £4.39 per 75cl

Bushland Estate Shiraz

£4.99 each£4.59 75cl, £4.59 per 75cl

Syrah Merlot

£3.99 each£4.99 75cl, £4.99 per 75cl

Estevez Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenére*

each£4.99 75cl, £4.99 per 75cl

Bordeaux Superieur

each£4.99 75cl, £4.99 per 75cl

Estevez Pinot Noir

each£4.99 75cl, £4.99 per 75cl

Exquisite Collection Argentinian Malbec

each£5.99* 75cl, £5.99 per 75cl

Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva

each£5.49 75cl, £5.49 per 75cl

Shiraz Bag In Box 3 Litre

each£14.99 3 Litre, £3.75 per 75cl

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