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†Based on a comparison of Aldi products against premium brands as shown. Other supermarkets may sell ‘own brand’ products at different prices. Based on a selection of branded products checked on, and on 29/08/13. The cheapest competitive price pro rata has been used for ‘other supermarkets’. Aldi prices and packaging correct as of 29/08/13. In accordance with Scottish licensing laws, alcohol may not be sold in Aldi’s Scottish stores before 10am.

Aldi Product Name Aldi Product Price Aldi Product Weight Brand Name Brand Price Brand Weight Brand Pro Rata Price Cheapest Competitor Price
Bilash Tikka Curry Sauce 79p 500g Patak Tikka Masala Curry Sauce £1.00 450g £1.11 Asda
Vive Lemonade 42p 2 litres Schweppes Lemonade £1.00 2 litres £1.00 Asda, Sainsbury's (2 for £2)
Vive Tropical Blast 45p 2 litres Lilt £1.00 2 litres £1.00 Tesco
Holly Lane Cherry Bakewells 75p 6 pack Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells £1.00 6 pack £1.00 Sainsbury's
Belmont Oaties 49p 300g McVities Hobnobs £1.00 300g £1.00 Asda (2 for £2), Sainsbury's
Mayonnaise 75p 500ml Hellman's Mayonnaise £1.50 400ml £1.88 Asda / Tesco (2 for £3), Sainsbury's
Magnum All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets £3.99 40 pack Finish Powerball £6.00 39 pack £6.15 Tesco
Veuve Monsigny Champagne by Philizot £12.99 75cl Moet & Chandon £24.74 75cl £24.74 Sainsbury’s
Brooklea Yogurt & Fruit 35p 175g Muller Fruit Corner 50p 150g 58p Asda (8 for £4)
Mistik Lavender Room Spray 59p 240ml Air Wick Aerosol Lavender £1.00 240ml £1.00 Sainsbury's
Power Force Window Cleaner 79p 750ml Mr Muscle Window & Glass £1.00 500ml £1.50 Tesco
Four Seasons Garden Peas 99p 1kg Birdseye Peas £2.00 800g £2.50 Asda, Tesco
Fiesta Fajita Dinner Kit £1.49 475g Old El Paso Extra Mild Fajitas £2.00 476g £2.00 Asda
Sweet Harvest Premium Peeled Plum Tomatoes 37p 400g Napolina Plum Tomatoes 62p 400g 62p Tesco
The Cheese Emporium Soft Cheese 49p 200g Philadelphia £1.00 200g £1.00 Tesco
Mistik Lavendar Gel Boat 49p 150g Glade Solid Gel Air Freshener £1.00 150g £1.00 Tesco, Asda
Total £26.19       Total £48.08