Fresh 100% British Turkey

    Just like all of Aldi's everyday fresh meat range, all of our fresh, 100% British turkeys and fresh turkey products carry the Quality British Turkey Red Tractor logo. This is only awarded to turkey products that have been produced to strict standards of food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and traceability, so you can be sure where it came from, what it ate, and how it was reared.

    The Quality British Turkey and Red Tractor scheme ensures that all the farms supplying Aldi with fresh turkey are managed by well qualified and caring professionals. In fact, they are independently inspected against more than 200 individual criteria covering all aspects of rearing and production. These include ensuring the turkeys have adequate shelter, a comfortable resting area and the freedom to express normal behaviour with the provision of enrichments such as hanging objects, straw bales or perches.

    Quality British Turkey

    So look out for the Quality British Turkey Red Tractor logo on all Aldi fresh turkeys and fresh turkey products – your reassurance that the birds are 100% British and have come from farmers who excel in the areas of food safety, traceability and animal welfare.

    Below are our 100% fresh British Turkey products.

British Turkey Mince

£1.99 per pack£1.79 450g, £3.98 per kg

British Turkey Steaks

per pack£2.59 375g, £6.91 per kg

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